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10 tips for ensuring a great conclusion
to a presentation

July 3rd, 2009 · No Comments · Communication, Concluding the pesentation

Each person will have his or her own method for ending a presentation but here are some suggestions which may help

  1. Leave plenty of time to wrap up. If you use all your allotted time or overrun, you will rush the Conclusion and look unprofessional.
  2. Try to finish a few minutes before your time – this allows you plenty of time for questions and stops you feeling rushed and stressed.
  3. Keep your Conclusion or Summary points to ONE slide. If you can’t fit the summary on a single slide then you are trying to say too much. Condense it.
  4. People will remember the final points more than the details in the presentation so keep you words crisp and focused, reinforcing everything you
  5. On the Conclusions slide avoid using whole sentences – just have a few key words that will act as prompts for you and the audience.
  6. Never introduce any new concepts in the Conclusion- simply reinforce the points you made during the main presentation.
  7. Avoid reading the conclusion verbatim – some presenters read their concluding slide line by line. The problem is the audience will read faster than you can speak and they will not be listening to you (hence do not use sentences!). If you want them to listen to you, use very little text on that last slide.
  8. After you have concluded, make it very obvious you have finished. Do not simply stop talking and wait, or mumble “Well, that’s about it…”. The audience will be confused and will not know whether to applaud or wait to seeif you have more slides.
  9. Use a black slide as your final slide (see earlier posts) and say something like “Thank you”, “Thank you for your attention”, “Thank you for your attention. I would be very happy to answer any questions”. These phrases are slightly clichéd but they are recognized as a means of letting the audience know that you have finished.
  10. Step back slightly from the podium or lectern after you have thanked the audience. This provides another major signal that you have finished.

If anyone has any other suggestions please share them!

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